Q: Why did you create Dog Show Mentor?

A: As a judge, I have often observed exhibitors struggling because they have no idea what factors influence judges’ choices. They show their dogs, but have no idea why they win or not. Dog Show Mentor was created to help the owner handler develop an approach to showing their dogs that is directed and focused on winning strategies. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this program!

Q: What this program is about?

A: Dog Show Mentor is a personalized group led by Lee Whittier that provides mentoring to owner-handlers from a judge’s perspective. You will develop your own strategic approach to showing your dog, and be ready to meet the challenges you encounter in the ring.

Q: Do you work with other mentors?

A: Dog Show Mentor partners with resources all over the country who offer their own expertise in areas such as breed-specific mentoring, instructional classes and seminars in advanced handling skills, grooming, and more.

Q: Is this an online handling class? Will you teach me advanced handling techniques?

A: Dog Show Mentor approaches competition from a strategic and highly intentional perspective. It is not intended to replace a handling class or handling seminar. Some skill-based learning is addressed from the judge’s viewpoint, but this is primarily a mentoring group on approach.

Q: What is an online Masterclass?

A: An online Masterclass is a virtual seminar and online meeting.

Q: How do these online meetings take place?

A: Dog Show Mentor uses a professional platform called iMeet that is available to anyone on a computer or mobile device. Think app!

Q: Are the meetings “live” and will I be seen at the meeting?

A: The meetings are live and recorded, not pre-recorded. Rather than being seen, you have the option of uploading a personal photo of yourself which will be viewed on the screen during the meeting and on the video recording.

Q: Will I have the option of asking questions during the online Masterclass?

A: Following each presentation, Lee opens up the mics and everyone has the opportunity to ask a short question relating to the material.

Q: What if I miss an online Masterclass?

A: All the webinars are recorded and posted in the Members Only area for 60 days. That way, if you miss one (or many), you can still benefit by listening to it later at your own convenience. You also have access to interviews by judges, successful owner- handlers, and other experts 24/7. The Q & A webinars are available for up to a month and are then deleted from the site.

Q: Do I have to wait for the first of the month to begin?

A: You can start at any time. It’s a “rolling month.” The day you start is the first day of your own month.

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Contact Lee@DogShowMentor.com for more information about the program’s parameters.

Q: This is a month-to-month membership. Can I drop out at any time?

A: If you do not find value in this program, please allow four (4) working days to withdraw from the program ahead of your renewal date (which is the same day each month). All members are enrolled through PayPal on the recurring payments system.

Q: Will I have to catch up to others who have been in the program longer than me?

A: Dog Show Mentor is an on-going membership program oriented to people at their own level.

Q: My main competition is with other breeder/ owner/handlers rather than professional handlers. Will this program work for me?

A: Dog Show Mentor focuses on the approach to training yourself to compete effectively at the highest level you can, whether it’s competing with professionals or other owner handlers.

Q: How does it work with owner-handlers of varying experience? Will we work from a syllabus?

A: There is wide variation of experience in the group, so we don’t work from a syllabus. I work with each person to help them set strategic goals. Each person works at their own pace based on their own goals.

Q: What is the Secret Facebook group page about? What happens there?

Our Secret Facebook group is a place where we talk about specific, relevant topics to achieve our respective goals. Members can ask questions and share wins: it is our chat room area. It is also a place where Lee shares announcements of new postings, changes, additions and interim assignments.

Q: What about group dynamics?

Confidentiality & Group Dynamics All conversations, whether they be on a conference call or online are expected to remain confidential and between the members of this group. Building trust is essential to the ability to create and be part of individuals becoming leaders. As a winner, you set the stage for how to act and what your personal virtues bring to the Sport. Anyone who, in the opinion of the host, Lee Whittier, creates a combative or hostile group environment in any way may be immediately terminated from membership with no refund of payment. A winner is a leader!

Q: What is a 1:1 Secret Weapon session?

A: A 1:1 Secret Weapon session is an individual online or in-person session with Lee. This service is available to both members and non-members. It is a strategy session where we address specific questions, concerns or objectives.

Q: What advice can you give to someone just starting out?

A: Join Dog Show Mentor! It can be challenging to understand the sport, which was one of the motives for developing this program.

Q: Can you give me a quick tip?

A: A wise man once told me, “You got to know the rules to play the game.” Those rules are far more complex than just reading the AKC Rulebook. In fact, they extend to cultural norms and unspoken do’s and don’ts. That’s another reason you should become a member!

Q: What kinds of things will I learn?

A: You will learn to evaluate your dog as judges do and sharpen your skills through a targeted approach. Members learn how to maximize the virtues and minimize faults of their dogs.

Q: I go to handling classes and practice regularly with my dog, but I want to know, what is it that prevents me from winning? I know I have set high goals, but I want to be successful, enjoy the journey, and have fun.

A: That is exactly what Dog Show Mentor is all about. These are the issues that we cover in our online seminars.

Q: I have several puppy people who would like to share a membership.

A: Members of the same household are welcome to enroll as one membership, providing they are life partners or married to one another. There are no shared membership slots other than this. It is designed to give members an edge, so sharing the information would be contrary to one of the program’s objectives. Members pay for their personal use of the information All materials and recordings are copyrighted.

Q: Who else will know I’m a member or know about my participation?

A: This is a confidential program and all members agree to keep all information learned in confidence. For more information, go to http://www.dogshowmentor.com/policies-expectations/

Q: How will I know if the program is right for me?

A: Dog Show Mentor members have between zero and 25+ years of experience in conformation dog shows. They are often people who have enough experience to know that they need help in moving to the next level of excellence. The program is geared to help people move from “coasting” to “excelling” by shifting awareness and mindset. It is only for people who are really dedicated to ramping up their competitive edge.

The Dog Show Mentor program isn’t for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, go to DogShowMentor.com/apply-now and see if there’s a slot available in your area. Lee will take the time to talk with you if you have questions.

The Dog Show Mentor,

Lee Whittier