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You’ve been going to dog shows for awhile. Is your dog winning as much as you think he should? Probably not.

“Since entering the program, I have exponentially increased my dog’s group placements from only 3 in 2 years to 24 in just 18 months. These include multiple Group Firsts . . .” Kate F. from WA

How did Kate do this? Instead of just listening or watching, she used interactive techniques and resources available in the Dog Show Mentor program . . . developed by an AKC multi-group judge . . . that create a fun and engaging learning environment.

Here is another member’s testimonial. Mary is a new member who is relatively new to the Sport of Purebred Dogs. She brings a keen and enthusiastic attitude to the group.

“I never imagined the scope of DSM would be so broad . . . I have been consistently and pleasantly surprised, by the variety of perspectives, suggestions and challenges of the group! I am so glad I gave myself this gift.”  Mary M. from CA

And finally, Corrinne started getting Terrier group placements in tough CA competition after a few short months.

“The biggest insight that I had was in a secret weapon session. Lee had some observations about my ring presence. When I realized how important that really was, I committed to making that the number one thing I was going to work on: ring presence to match the strong confidence I have in my dog.” Corrinne M. from CA

Going to dog shows is fun; winning makes them even more fun.

Win more now! Special Offer

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Let’s Make You a Winner

This wildly-lauded, newly released book, Let’s Make You a Winner A Judge’s Perspective on Showing Dogs by Pat Hastings and Erin Ann Rouse complements the Dog Show Mentor program philosophy in many meaningful ways. In this two-part interview, Pat Hastings shares some additional tips and tricks from puppy rearing to Best In Show. A big thank-you to Pat and Erin for this insightful book on getting the most out of your dog and dog shows. This book is available at  The interview is available to Dog Show Mentor members. For membership information, click here.

Educational Philosophy



  1. Develop a program where people can jump right in and learn right away, i.e., one that is useful for first-time exhibitors to 30-year people who have been coasting or starving for learning.
  2. Create a rolling program that has structure and flexibility, i.e., an ordered system where people have the option of picking and choosing what interests them.
  3. Provide a safe venue and build community within that venue so people can be candid and learn from each other.
  4. Create rich material presented in small bites.
  5. Make learning fun – lighthearted learning lasts longer.
  6. Interactive webinars allow for questions and create a richer and more engaging learning environment.
  7. Be a mentor who is available for private learning at members’ convenience for those who learn best one-on-one.

New Quarter New Half Start Now!


What better way to start the second half of your year than to start understanding more about showing dogs, judges, and dog shows. Make a fresh start in the second half! Have more fun, develop more confidence and win more in the ring! Get a free assessment whether the Dog Show Mentor program is right for you. Find out if there’s a spot open for your group/region. Click here.

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