DSM Buddies – New in 2019

What is the Buddies System?

Dog Show Mentor (DSM) Buddies System is a way to support and facilitate meetings between members at shows and other special events.

The Buddies system is intended to deepen connections and enhance the DSM learning experience. DSM members have a unique link to each other built on trust through the online group. That special trust gets stronger when we meet in person. Although not all members “click” with each other, meeting enhances confidence through in-person contact.

We are rightly self- and dog-focused when we show, so supporting each other takes effort and time. It won’t always be possible or easy.  However, as the connections grow over time, it will become more spontaneous. Build your Buddies relationship with the same attention to detail as you do showing your dog.

Is it okay to invite other members to join you at a show?

Yes, absolutely. The DSM program is enhanced through member interaction both online and in person. If you see you’re going to be at the same show as someone else, this is an opportunity to get to know some of the people you’ve met online. Use your good sense and be gracious.

What are examples of a Buddies experience?

  • Sitting ringside watching breeds/group and comparing notes
  • Practice sharing your Spotlight On Member Presentation on each other
  • Trade off taking photos and videos of each other’s dogs
  • Set up together
  • Grab a cup of coffee

The knowledge and experience of the members of this program varies broadly. Gathering together in person can enrich the shared conversations and trust established online. It allows members to share their immediate experiences in a safe and forward thinking way.

Enjoy, have fun and build your DSM relationships!